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Friday, 18 April 2014

Stitching and making for my Auntie

It's been a sad few weeks for my auntie's family. She has been diagnosed with Dementia, and has had to go into a Home after several weeks of Respite. My auntie isn't coping all that well at the moment, but when my mother talked to her on the phone recently and told auntie that I'd made a doll for her she was enthusiastic about receiving it.It was the happiest-sounding that Mum has heard her be for many weeks. 
That firmed my resolve to make her many more dolls and pretty things she can hang on the walls of her room at the Home. 
I hope you enjoy seeing what I make auntie over the next few weeks.

Little wooden bead and pipe cleaner doll
I made this little doll and placed in a little patchwork pocket for my auntie.This is a little doll that she can hold in her hand.
Little decorated Cat Masks

Large decorated Crazy Patch heart.

I hope that Auntie wants to have visitors apart from her immediate family soon.I can't wait to show her what I've made for her. 

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Another use for my lace flowers

I recently bought this glass jar at a church fete, and thought it might look nice decorated with some of the lace flowers I've been making with the laces I've recently been given. 
This glass bowl is being given to my auntie who has recently had to enter a Nursing Home. 
I made a tag to go with it, with sewing motifs on it, as my auntie was a very accomplished sewer, and loves anything with lace, flowers etc. 

I'm hoping it will look nice in her room.
I am thinking of filling it with something but I can't think what.Have you any suggestions? 
I could only think of several pocket sized tissue packets? 

Hope your Easter is happy and peaceful with time for reflection if that is what you wish.